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I don't see the 'connect' button when trying to add a printer

There are a couple of reasons that the connect button may not show up when trying to add a printer, please run through the below points and make sure you can answer Yes to everything.

  • Are you using an SCU (owned) computer?
    • You should be able to find the asset number on a yellow or blue barcode tag with black text attached to the computer to confirm this.
  • Are you using a PC?
    • If you're using an SCU Asset Mac there is a different process, please click HERE.
  • Are you using Internet Explorer as your web browser?
    • Internet Explorer is the only web browser that works for adding printers, this is a requirement.
  • Is Compatibility View turned on?
    • Compatibility view must be turned on in order to see the connect button, follow this guide to check and/or Turn on Compatibility View
      • For older versions of Internet Explorer Select the correct option from the right hand side.
  • Is Internet Explorer in Desktop Mode (Windows 8)?
    • Internet Explorer must be in Desktop Mode, if your window looks similar to the screenshot below, click on the spanner icon and select 'View in the desktop'.

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