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Mediasite lectures load and play, but playback is choppy and/or the sound is distorted.

If your Mediasite lecture playback is choppy or the sound is distorted it is commonly caused by a slow or unreliable internet connection. Please see the suggestions below that best match your situation.

1. You have Broadband Internet and are connecting via wireless

  • Move closer to your wireless modem and try again
  • Plug your computer in via an Network Cord, typically Blue or Yellow and looks like a larger land line phone connection.

2. Are there multiple devices connected to your network?

  • Speed is shared between devices on a network, try disconnecting or minimizing Internet use on the other devices to see if this improves playback performance.

3. Try playing the recording from another Internet connection.

  • Try an alternate connection such as at a SCU campus, local library or friend's house to see if this resolves the choppy playback.
  • If playback works well at this other location, it means the issue is related to your connection and you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider. As an indication of your Internet speed you can run a Speedtest by opening the following page and clicking on 'Begin Test' button (

4. Try downloading your lectures onto your computer, and play them locally.

  • Downloading the lectures will take longer to start however will then playback at full speed regardless of a slow connection
  • A guide on how to download Mediasite lectures can be found here.
  • The files can be large, so if you have a slow internet connection you may like to consider bringing your laptop to campus and download using our Wi-Fi network
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