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How to install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher

If you've accessed Collaborate previously, when launching a Collaborate session you will be offered the opportunity to update the Collaborate Launcher, whilst optional it is recommended to do so.


The first time you attempt enter a Collaborate session or play a Collaborate recording, you will have to download and install the Launcher. Please allow sufficient time before the session to do so, or you can download & install ahead of time using the appropriate link below.

Direct links to download Collaborate Launcher:

Click here to download the Collaborate Launcher for Mac (58Mb)

Click here to download the Collaborate Launcher for Windows (40Mb)


If you have installed the Collaborate Launcher and it's still not working, please see I can't get my Collaborate Session or Recording to open


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    Jolanta Benson

    I downloaded Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for my Mac and got meeting.collab file which opens up with info:
    "Welcome to the Blackboard Collaborate Configuration Room. Close this session as your web conference will not be held here. To join your web conference, follow the instructions provided to you by your organisation."

    My questions is: Is this the right way to launch Blackboard Collaborate for SCU tutorials or there is something wrong?
    My tutor's instructions were as follows:
    "Once in the Collaborate Live! area, click on the ‘Access Blackboard Collaborate Sessions and Recordings’ link. Click on the link to the session you want to join and you will be taken through to the Collaborate classroom."

    I cannot see any link "Access Blackboard Collaborate Sessions and Recordings".

    Can you help please.

    Jolanta Benson