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How do I login to eAcademic?

eAcademic / Student System access is not provided to staff by default, and is separate from your other accounts.

If you do not have a eAcademic or Student System account, please see the instructions here (How do I get access to the Student System?)

Please note:

- Student System (Student One) and eAcademic use the same account, therefore if you already have access to one system you will be able to login to the other system also and do not need to request a separate account.

- To change/upgrade your access you will need to use the Request System Access/Account/Email address for yourself to request the changes.



Once you have received your eAcademic login details, please enter them at the login screen.


If you have an account but you are unable to login, please try the 'Forgot Password?' link at the bottom of the login screen.

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