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How do I use Blackboard Collaborate?

After you have installed the Collaborate Launcher (Details here) you should be able to load up live sessions as well as Collaborate Recording files. If you are encountering issues loading lectures, please refer here for further assistance.

Features of Collaborate Launcher

Once the Collaborate Launcher loads into your session you will be presented with the main window. Slides will be displayed in the main white box, which also doubles as the collaborative whiteboard. Additional features worth noting are highlighted below:


Audio Setup

The audio setup wizard icon near the top of the Audio and Video box will load the wizard to ensure that your audio is configured correctly. For detailed instructions on how to do this please refer here

Communication Icons

 These icons allow for communication with other members of the Collaborate session.

  • The face icon will place an emoticon next to your name briefly in the Participants window
  • The body with the clock will set you as away in the Participants window
  • The hand icon will raise your hand, alerting the rest of the collaborate group that you have a question
  • The checkbox will allow you to answer yes or no, as represented by a cross or tick next to your name. The third option, none will clear existing crosses or 

Drawing Tools

If your lecturer has enabled the collaborate whiteboard for the session these icons will allow you to input text, select objects, insert objects, and work on the whiteboard on the screen.

Chat Window

The chat window allows you to write messages to other participants in the collaborate session. Write the message you would like to send into the text box and press enter. The smiley face on the right of the box allows you to insert emoticons into your message.




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