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How do I open a shared calendar?

To open a shared generic calendar (a team work roster or an individuals calendar, for instance) that you have been given access to, you'll need to

  • Login to your SCU email
  • Select the Calendar tab bottom left corner of the page


  • At the top of the screen, select "Add Calendar" then "From Directory"


  • Under From Directory search for the name of the calendar, then select the correct search result, and select Open. If the item is not listed, try selecting "Search Directory".

The amount of detail you see will depend on the access level you have been given to the calendar.

If each item is simply appearing as Free/Busy it may be that you do not yet have the correct permissions, in which case you will need to contact the owner of the shared calendar to request access.

If you have been given Reader access you will be able to see all entries, you will only be able to add/remove entries if you have Editor access. 

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