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How do I change permissions of members on a calendar? (MS Outlook 2013)

If you wish to change someone's access permissions please follow the steps below for your personal calendar, or for a shared calendar of which you are an "Owner".  Although it is possible to add or remove someone via this method, it is more reliable to use the method given in this article to do so.

For information about what the permission levels mean please refer to this article.

Please note: 

The instructions on this page are applicable to Microsoft Outlook 2013, you can also perform this task in the Outlook Web App.


Adding someone to a calendar

  • Once in Outlook 2013, click on the Calendar icon on the left hand side near the bottom, then select All Folders.


  •  This will show all of the calendars you own or have access to. Right click on the Calendar you wish to edit, then select Properties.

  • in Properties, select the Permissions tab, and click on the person whose permissions you need to change.


  • select what type of access they will have (owner, editor, reviewer, etc.). You can edit users' permissions at any time as necessary.

  • once you have given the appropriate permissions, press OK in the calendar properties box. 



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