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How do I create a generic email address?

There are a number of different "types" of generic email address (sometimes also referred to as an alias, or distribution group). Which type is most appropriate for you will depend upon your needs and the type of use it is intended for.

To request an email address (that is not in your own name), please complete the Request Form. When completing the form, please consider your needs carefully when deciding whether to "tick the box" or not for the various requirements -they help us determine the best way to met your needs.

Description of information requested:

Preferred Address: The email address you would like to have. In most cases this the address that will be provided. There are some exceptions, such as when another email address already in use that is exceptionally close to, and easily confused with your preferred address. If we are unable to provide your preferred address we will usually call to discuss an appropriate alternative.

"I need a centralised record of email received at this address": This helps us determine whether the address is a "distribution group" (a single email address that automatically forwards to multiple people's own email) or a "mail account" an email address that does not belong to any one person where all email arrives and is checked by multiple people. The email can be referred to by replacement/relieving staff as it doesn't depend on any one staff members personal email. If there are multiple users they can see if others have read the email.

"Email will be sent from this address": Do you (& potentially others) need to be able to send email so that it is seen as coming from this generic address and not your own name.

"An Audit Trail or single location for email sent from the address is required": If you (or others) will be sending from the email address do you need a record of what was sent from the address separate from your own email sent folder and all email sent using that address to appear in one location (ie if multiple people send from the address all authorised senders can see what has been previously sent).

Description: Who will be using the address (receiving / sending - not always the same ) and any further description about what it is to be used for and how that will help Tech Services understand your needs.

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