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How do I forward my SCU emails to a personal email address?

Caution: Please be aware that, due to some email providers' security settings, some of the emails forwarded from your SCU student email account may not reach you. They may be flagged as SPAM by your email service, and either be deleted before ever being delivered to your account, or delivered to your SPAM folder. We strongly recommend that you continue to log in to your scu email account on a regular basis to ensure you are receiving all communication essential to your studies.

To forward your emails to a personal account, you'll need to

  • login to your SCU emails
  • click on the settings cog  at the top right of the screen, then select Mail. The Options menu will open on the left hand side.
  • in Accounts in the left-hand side menu, select Forwarding.
  • on this page, you will see a field called Forwarding where you can enter your personal email address, then select Start Forwarding (Note: ensure that the option to "Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App" is ticked).

Your SCU emails will now be forwarding to your preferred address. Please note that this will only affect new incoming emails after the forward is applied, and will not forward any emails that are currently in your inbox.



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