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How do I create a filter on my emails?

You can direct recurring messages into a folder (or perform various other automatic functions), by creating a filter, or inbox rule on your emails.

There are also some "automatic" filtering mechanisms (Clutter & Junk) applied, please see: How do I change my Clutter-settings? How do I mark an email as Junk? and How do I mark a junked email as safe in Outlook? for information on managing these.

To set your own filters:

  • login to your SCU email
  • click on the Settings cog  up the top right of the screen, and select Mail
  • click on Mail on the left hand side of the screen, and select Inbox and sweep rules
  • click the + symbol, which will open up a New Inbox Rule window

  • Here you can name your rule, and determine what the rule does, for instance, When the message arrives and it was received from <person>, move the message to <folder>, then press Save.


This allows you to filter emails into categorised mail folders for convenience and archiving, or to filter spam emails directly into your junk folder.

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