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How do I delete my pending emails in CRM?

Pending sends usually occur when a user has attempted to send an email from their own account and not from an active queue. If a user owns an email with a Pending Send status they will receive a warning when they first log into CRM.  


Finding Pending Sends

Open the Service (or Sales) menu, and select Activities.


Click on the small drop-down arrow (it may say My Activities here), select Email, then My Pending Emails.


A list of all your pending emails will be displayed.


Resend Pending Sends

To ensure your emails send correctly in CRM, you'll need to resend them from a queue (please see this article for information on how to send from a queue). Any emails not sent from a queue will have a status of Pending Send and will never be received by the recipient. This will cause you to receive a notification/ warning every time you login to CRM.

Before you remove your pending email, check to see if you need to resend them. If yes, open the email, select forward and update the following:

  1. From: Change to a valid queue
  2. To: Add contact
  3. CC: Add contact/s
  4. Remove FW (not required but nice to do)
  5. Update the body of the email (not required)

Once this has been done, select save and then send. Selecting save first gives you a final opportunity to check your email content before sending. Now you will need to follow the steps to remove the pending send.


Remove Pending Sends 

To remove the pending mail, you'll need to reroute those messages into the SPAM queue. This is cleared each week by the CRM team. Before routing to the SPAM queue, please ensure that you've re-sent the messages correctly from a queue, to prevent losing any important information.

Navigate to your pending send view

Select the pending emails you need removed, then click on the ellipsis (three dots) up the top-right, and select Add to Queue


Once the Add to Queue box pops up, hover over the queue name field and click on the search button (magnifying glass). In here, ensure you've selected Queue in the Look For field, then search for SPAM. Select the SPAM queue, and click Add.



Now click Add, and your items will have been routed to the SPAM queue.



Please note: Users will still receive the pending email notification until this queue is cleared by the CRM team. This is done every week on Friday afternoon.

If you have any further issues with pending emails, please email for assistance.

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