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How do I create a template in CRM?

To create a template in CRM, open up the Settings menu and select Templates.


From the drop-down menu, select which type of template you'd like to create (in this example we'll create a Case template).

If you're unsure what type you need to create, please check with your team's CRM Champion/Subject Matter Expert.


You can now give your template a Title, Subject, and email body as shown below. 

If you wish the template to always email from a particular queue, you can add this using the format in the screenshot below (see Subject line).

You can also have the contact's or sender's/user's information automatically added to the template, by inserting those parameters into the body (highlighted in yellow). To do this, click the Insert/Update option at the top of the template.


Next, click Add.


Now select whose information you wish to insert. 
Contact = email recipient
User = email sender

And select what information you wish you insert (eg., first name, full name, student ID), then press OK.


Once you're happy with the information in the template, ensure you Save or Save and Close it up the top-left of the window.

After creating the template, ensure you assign ownership to your Team, so that everyone will be able to access and edit it as necessary. Open the template, then select Actions -> Start Dialog, and follow the prompts to select which team you'd like to assign ownership to.


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