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Creating a teleconference via the Webportal

If you only occasionally need to schedule phone conferences, please contact the Service Desk and they will be happy to arrange this for you. You can also use the instant conference call feature on your Huawei phone handset to create a conference call (instructions here -

If you have a frequent need to pre-schedule and manage teleconferences please contact the Service Desk to arrange to be given access to the Webportal and obtain access to the features described below.

While your computer is connected to the SCU network, open a web browser tab and navigate to

Login with the account details you were given when access was requested/provided.

Tip: the verification code can be hard to read you can easily zoom in by holding the Ctrl key and using the scroll wheel on your mouse and easily return to standard zoom by pressing Ctrl and 0 (zero) at the same time.


Only Voice meetings (teleconferences) are possible

Enter a Subject for the meeting.

Enter the maximum number of participants.

To start the conference immediately use "instant meeting". To schedule a meeting select "Common Meeting"


Enter the appropriate Start date and time and duration (if there are still participants in the meeting when the duration expires it will automatically extend not cutoff the meeting).

You can either accept the automatically generated Moderator and Participant passwords or enter your own preferred numerical password (6 to 16 digits). Enter a description if you wish, then press OK.


The meeting information will then appear.

(You can optionally specify Participants in which case the phone system will dial them automatically and invite them to join. You can also have the system send a Meeting Notification.)

For participants to dial in to the meeting:

  • At the appointed time, they need to call one of the numbers listed in "Meeting Access Code".
    • a "local call" number has been provided for each campus to reduce participant cost (with no increased cost to SCU)
      • 07 5589 3199 - Gold Coast
      • 02 6620 3299 - Lismore
      • 02 6659 8199 - Coffs Harbour
      • 02 8249 3299 - Sydney
      • 03 9601 3499 - Melbourne
    • from an on campus phone call 73299 to join (no call cost incurred from any campus)
  • Enter the Meeting ID
  • Enter the participant password (the chair/moderator enters the Moderator Password to give them control over the meeting settings).

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