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Repairing Microsoft Office

If an Office application such as Microsoft Word or Excel is not working correctly, restarting the application or the computer may fix the issue. If this doesn't help, the Microsoft Office suite contains a repair feature which accessible via the control panel. This can fix a number of issues.


1. Go to the start menu, search and open control panel.

2. Ensure category view is selected (shown below) and select programs.

3. Select "Programs and Features".

For Office 365 Repair 

1. Select the Office 365 application.

2. Select 'Change'.

3. Select 'Online Repair' and then click 'Repair'. 

For Office 2013 Repair

1. Select the Office 2013 application. 

2. Select 'Change'. 

3. Select 'Repair' and then click 'Continue'.


Office will now repair the application. A computer restart may be required if prompted.


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