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How do I setup a forward to mobile with one button activation?

You can program this onto either one of the line buttons or one of the programmable buttons on your Huawei phone.

To do so press and hold the line button or programmable button you wish to use to activate your forward

Programmable_buttons.jpg Line_buttons.jpg

Once you have done the long press you will be given the below screen. Press 6 on the numpad below the screen to select Call Forward.


Press the number for type of forward you want (All is highlighted, and the most commonly used in this scenario)


Arrow down to Number, enter the number you wish to forward to.

Important: if it is an external number such as a mobile you MUST enter it exactly as you would dial ie add a zero at the front to get a line out.


Press softkey Select. You will be taken back to the homepage of your phone.

To turn on the programmed call forwarding simply press the same button that you selected at the start of this. A moment later you the light associated with the button you set the programming on will illuminate green and if it's an unconditional forward a message will appear on the screen as per below, when the forward is active. To turn off simply press the button again.





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