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How to install a font on a Mac

The information supplied in this article applies to Southern Cross Uni's branding and the installation of the Roboto font. Staff and students may wish to install this free font on Macintosh & personal computers.

How to install a font on Mac computers:

Step one: Download the font - For Reboto please visit this page

Step two: In the top right hand of the screen you will see in red colored writing, 'Select this Font', left click to select.


Step Three: At the bottom of the bottom of the page, select the black box 'Family Selected' and left click to expand


Step Four: At the top of this expanded window, select the red arrow pointing down to a red line and left click to 'Download', select 'Save' to download the file to your hard drive (Download folder is default).


Step five: Open the Font book app:


Step six: Select 'Computer' and then select the + add button.


Step seven: Navigate to the folder the fonts were downloaded to. If it downloaded as a .zip, right click and expand first. Select all and then select 'Open'.


Step eight: Because this will install for all, your computer administration password is required. If you do not know this, or would prefer to install the fonts only on your user profile, select 'User' instead of 'Computer' in the last screen.


The fonts are now installed.


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