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Why can't I find my units in MySCU?

There can be a few reasons as to why a MySCU learning site could be missing from your MySCU. Some reasons behind a learning site being missing from the My Learning sites module are:

  • The learning site you had access to last session (or previous sessions) has been moved to another section. For information on how to pin a past learning site to your My Learning sites module please refer to this article: How do I pin past learning sites to the home page
  • Once you have enrolled in a unit, the system needs time to provide you access to the learning site. This process can typically take up to 48 hours.
  • You may not be enrolled in the unit. To confirm you are enrolled please login to MyEnrolment, then access study plans, select your course. From here you can confirm you are enrolled.
    If you were enrolled in the unit but now it appears you are not, please contact Student Services, they will be able to advise what has happened.
  • If you are enrolled but the learning site isn't appearing in MySCU and you have waited the relevant time please contact the Service Desk for investigation. Their contact details can be found here.



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