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How to create a Textaid bookmark on a mobile or tablet device

Note: Book marking and using text aid has had varying results. This typically works on the default browsers of a device, e.g. Safari or the internet browser on androids.
First create any bookmark with any page as the link. This is different for each browser, so it won't be shown here.
Copy the below text.
javascript:(function(){if (window.ReadSpeaker && window.ReadSpeaker.TextAidReader){ReadSpeaker.TextAidReader.showPlayer();}else{var taid='tareaderscript';if(!document.getElementById(taid)){var s=document.createElement('script');s.setAttribute('src','');s.setAttribute('id',taid);document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(s);}}})();
Edit the bookmark you created earlier and place the copied text as the url/link, rename the bookmark so you can identify it as textaid.
Now as long as you logged into MySCU, and you access the bookmark you created textaid should work on your browser provided the web browser allows this to work.
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