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TextAid is prompting me to login

Occasionally when trying to access the TextAid function within Blackboard from certain devices and operating systems, you may be prompted to login in order to use the service. The issue occurs primarily on Apple computers and mobile devices, particularly those using the Safari web browser.


Provided you're logged into Blackboard, this shouldn't normally occur, however if you do encounter this issue you can work around it by:

-first, try a different web browser. If you're on an Apple Mac, try accessing Blackboard using Mozilla Firefox.

-if this doesn't work, when you're taken to the login screen try opening another tab in your web browser and go to the following URL: This should bypass the login page and take you directly to the TextAid screen. 

As TextAid is a relatively new technology, we appreciate your patience while we work with our vendors to resolve any issues we encounter as they arise. If you have any difficulties, or the above suggestions do not resolve the issue you're experiencing, please contact the Service Desk for further assistance.

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